Each time a subscriber opens an email sent with Campaign Monitor, we keep track of which email client they're using. Since 2009, we've measured email client popularity across many billions of emails and occasionally collate that data to show interesting trends in email client usage.

Most popular email clients

Below is the email client market share as of June 2011. These numbers are not exclusive, some people use more than one email client during the month - which registers each client used.

The fine print

The email client a person is using can only be detected if images are displayed. This can give an inflated weighting to email clients that display images by default, such as Outlook 2000 and the iPhone. It will also provide a lesser weighting to those that block images by default such as Gmail and Outlook 2007. Those email clients that aren't capable of displaying images, such as older Blackberry models and other mobile devices cannot be included in this study.

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